"I love hip-hop! The first song I memorized was “Fireman” by Lil Wayne. Ever since then…it’s Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, the Game. When I was in high school, my boyfriend and I would drive around and he’d always point to this neighborhood where [rapper]  Young Buck  lived. We would drive and look at his cars and be like, “Oh my gawd! Those cars are so cool! I wonder if he’s in there!"



Taylor Swift just turned 24.

She came to Middle Tennessee from Pennsylvania at 14, and in the ensuing near-decade she has become an international superstar, and a wealthy young woman. Those are rare and laudable things, but they’ve been done before.

Swift, though, is…

Well earlier today we got together and she played me seven new songs, and she’s just on fire. The level of desire and passion that she has just to keep getting better, she’s an artist that just really never wants to just say ‘Well okay this is good enough’. It’s always gotta be better. She’s in amazing creative place right now.
Scott Borchetta on Taylor’s 5th album  (via eyesopen)